My Extensions Journey - week 8

Thursday 22nd March 2018

Still getting so many compliments on my hair, it's great. Just goes to show that the hair is such good quality that it can be re-fitted every six to eight weeks for up to a year. The products are the key to condition and maintenance.

Friday 23rd March 2018

Milena is on holiday???? I'm such a numpty for not checking sooner and getting booked in as it's getting nearer holiday season so it's getting busy, busy, busy.

An extra week it is then...unless I can get booked in with one of the other girls.

Saturday 24th March 2018

Getting nervous and excited about my extensions coming out but then get more excited about them going back in again! :0)

Sunday 25th March 2018

Loving my hair today. Loving feeling special. Loving vegan life as much as my extensions!

Monday 26th March 2018


Finally had my extensions removed and it feels so strange not having them in.

I do miss the volume and weight so I will have them re-fitted.

Washing my hair felt lighter but I am now so used to washing my hair with them in that I continue to do it the same careful way.

Hardly any of my own hair came away with the extensions and what was there is only natural shed that would have been brushed out but couldn't because they were trapped inside the tape bonds.

I'm looking forward to having a trim and some colour done before having them done again.

My hair feels amazing and can thoroughly recommend having them done...It's been so much fun!!

Thanks for following my blog, I tried to keep it simple and to be honest, it was, as I had no real problems that would put me off having them again, or recommending them.

I hope it has 'In-Spired' you to book a consultation to talk about what 'great lengths' you could go to.

Karrie x

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