My Extension Journey


I have worked with different types of hair extensions over twenty years. They have improved dramatically over that time, and now I have had the pleasure of working with tapes and micro rings.

So when we introduced Zen Hair extensions to Spires I decided to take a personal journey through the experience from a client perspective to truly understand what having extensions is like first hand.

I hope you enjoy my diary where I record my daily ups and downs and with it all the wonderful compliments I have received.

Today’s The Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday 31st January 2018

I’m so excited to have my tape extensions fitted by Milena today. It took just over an hour and it was so relaxing. I didn’t feel any pulling or tugging and once fitted they felt like a part of me already. Great care was taken to make sure that they sat in the perfect position so that I can wear my hair up, down, half-up/down and still be able to French plait and even have two plaits! We also applied a few feathers with micro rings ready for festival season which, look great.

Driving home it felt amazing to flip my hair away from my shoulders as it feels so lovely and long.

When I went to bed I plaited my hair from the base of my neck to the ends to avoid it getting knotted in my sleep, as I move around a lot at night, it’s really important to have the hair secure so that I didn’t compromise the hair bonds of the hair itself and its actually really comfortable.

Thursday 1st February 2018

My hair looks great this morning and still lovely and wavy from being in the plait all night. I pile it on top of my head to shower avoiding getting it wet.

It feels quite heavy on top of my head as I’m not used to having so much hair but it’s great!!

I got so many compliments from my clients and as a result confidence feels boosted!

I decided to straighten it later in the day and it was super easy to do as I could grab hold of it with little effort.

Think I might try curling it tomorrow?

Tonight, I tried sleeping with it in a bun on top of my head. Again it feels quite heavy but once I’m lying down, feels really comfortable.

Friday 2nd February 2018

Think I moved about a bit too much last night as I look like a scarecrow LoL, think I’m better keeping it in plait or maybe I’ll try a ponytail?

So tonight, I washed my hair for the first time and it was easier than I thought but again it did feel quite heavy.

It took longer to dry than normal and I made sure I concentrated on the roots where the tape bonds were.

Then I dried my own hair on top followed with the length. Using the extension brush I didn’t need to use my straighteners afterwards.

Saturday 3rd February 2018

Wore my hair down today which, I normally don’t like to do after I’ve slept on my hair as it doesn’t feel as nice but with the extensions it felt freshly washed and I had no static.

I had a really busy day at the salon today so I wore my hair in a low ponytail as I felt quite warm and then I just straightened it in the evening before catching a flight to Scotland and it looked fantastic.

I always struggle to sleep in a different bed so I thought my hair might suffer as a result but I put it in a plait and hoped for the best.

Sunday 4th February 2018

YaY…my hair is perfectly fine in the morning and also helped to keep my neck warm as its pretty cold up here!

I drew it back into a low ponytail to fly home as I was tired and it was feeling a bit fluffy from wearing lots of layers but that was more my hair than the extensions.

I French braided my hair tonight to sleep in as I hope for a lie in tomorrow morning.

Monday 5th February 2018

Don’t think I’ll French braid my hair to sleep in again as I was more aware of the hair bonds as they had a bit of leverage where the strands were plaited and felt uncomfortable when I took it down.

Washed my hair again tonight and it was super easy now I’m more used to it.

I’m going try putting it in a low ponytail tonight to see if my hair stays straight for tomorrow as the plait always makes it wavy but it might mean I don’t have to straighten it?

Tuesday 6th February 2018

Fab…my hair stayed straight and it was comfortable during the night and I avoided looking like a scarecrow but I did need to straighten the ends as they looked a little bit fluffy.

Tonight I’m going to put my hair in a low ponytail then plait it and secure with another bands near the ends.

Wednesday 7th February 2018

Bingo….I’ve found the best method for sleeping with my extensions.

Low ponytail, then plait and a second hair band is the key to keeping my hair in place and the extensions.

Wore my hair in a high ponytail for work today and it felt amazing. The length hit the base of my neck and had so much volume, just like I’ve always wanted my hair to look like.

Surprisingly it didn’t feel too heavy and didn’t feel uncomfortable when I took it down.

I’m going to wash my hair in the morning and see how I manage for time before going to work.

To be continued ...

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