Ombre, Balayage, Dip Dye...what's the difference?

It can be confusing when trying to choose the correct colour fading technique for your hair.

Pictures are really helpful but they don't always explain the full extent of what may be involved in achieving that look for each individual clients needs.

Essentially, they are all the same in terms of technique but subtle differences in each style of application will give very different results which means every client will be unique.

I have added some pictures of our clients as an example below...


From a french word meaning shaded or shading. Is a subtle transition from light to dark with no obvious connection between the colours.


A French word meaning to sweep or to paint. Gently blends lighter tones higher up the hair length and contours the face without fully highlighting.

A Dip Dye

Combination of both ombre/Balayage. Gives a bolder connection fading between the lighter and darker colours.

It is sometimes possible to achieve all these looks by purely lightening the mid-lengths and ends and blending into your natural colour however, all of the hair can also be coloured to the desired shade if different to the natural colour or to cover existing colour or highlights.

In some cases, any existing colour on the hair may need to be removed before the final technique is applied which extends the process time and costs.

In view of this, a Pre-Colour Consultation is always carried out in order that we can perform skin and strand tests to ensure that you and your hair will be compatible for the procedure and to ascertain if the desired result is achievable in one or more sessions.

Following the consultation we are then able provide you with an estimated cost and time required.

Why not make an appointment today and see which technique would best suit you and your lifestyle.

Call Karrie on 01342 716925



Dip Dye

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