Spires 50's 'Sweetheart' Photoshoot!

Yesterday was so much fun!!!!! Milena, Karrie and Siobhan focussed on 50's themed hair and make-up and created some amazing looks. Gemma begrudgingly let Milena put curls in her hair (she hates curls!!!!!) and they looked brilliant!

Siobhan used the Mii make-up to create a vintage look and it all tied together prefectly!! We were even offered a slot at the neighbouring towns vintage procession because they saw our posts on facebook yesterday :-)

I love these shoots - as hairdressers its so nice to just let our 'creative juices' flow and with this type of workshop we are able to create some real works of art (if i do say so myself!) ....next stop.....80's!!!!!!

Love, Ellie x

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